Safari Hunting as a Conservation Measure

Where's Mary?

It seems like on a fairly regular basis there is a large outcry from the public about big game hunting in Africa. Disproportionally, it seems that these attacks are focused on attractive women (ex. 1, ex. 2) – but is certainly not limited to just women (ex. 1).  This is an ongoing debate that will never be settled until there are no more animals left.

First, let me present my credentials: while I am not personally a hunter, I come from a family of hunters and grew up around hunting. My dad is an avid hunter, hunting deer and pheasants in Iowa, and taking many trips to hunt big game in the United States and abroad. I have joined him on two such trips, Zambia in 2010 and Zimbabwe in 2013. Both of the safaris were hard work – lots of walking, tracking and waiting…

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You Know Exactly What This Is About

They Call Me Crazy Legs

You know what’s coming. This is all about that one girl who hunts stuff: Kendall Jones.

I’m not one who likes to jump into the middle of a social media debate like this one, but I haven’t paid a visit to the ole blogosphere in a while and needed to do a little somethin somethin.

Let’s start off with some honesty

I have done little to no research on this topic. I wasn’t even sure what Kendall’s name was until I actually had to type it out moments ago. Actually, the initial plan for this post was to make up a new name for her every time I would have referred to her. But that seemed a little insensitive because she’s an actual person with actual feelings and stuff, imagine that.

Most of my commentary will stem from the quick little snipits of information that I have received from the…

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My inspiration, idea, hope, and desire for this blog

Even if the only reason for this blog being created is primarily for the purpose of getting a good grade in one of my classes, I have decided to make an effort to get inspired and actually try. That being said, as I do not consider myself an exceptionally talented writer, I have decided to share a photo I have taken or been a part of at the beginning of each new post, and describe the story, the lesson learned, or even the thought that is associated with it. This way half of the post can be appreciated even if my words fail to grasp your attention.

To start things off I have shared a map of the world (if it can be described as a map) where various travel routes can be seen. This picture is a good way to get things off and running for a variety of reasons. First, this picture relates to my blog title. I am the 21st Century Explorer and I live to travel the world. Second, I would be considered by some as well traveled (although I myself believe I have a ways to go before this statement can describe me) as I have traveled to 36 countries in my lifetime. This is relevant to this blog as a majority of the posts will revolve around my travels. Third, the class that necessitates I start a blog is a class that plays a part in leading me to volunteering on the other side of the world for 8 months of my life. And finally,  it’s a really cool picture so why shouldn’t I include it in this really cool blog?

Comments, questions, concerns or even random thoughts? I would love if you shared them with me so please comment below!